13 de setembre de 2012

International solidarity: Striking Chicago teachers

Dear colleagues, teachers of Chicago,

The Teacher's Union of CCOO Catalonia supports your struggle. At present, we are in the course of mobilisation for various reasons: we have lost almost 20% of our purchasing power, our teaching hours have been increased and the cover in case of illness has worsened. At the same time, both the governments of Catalonia and Spain have reduced 23% its budgets on education and therefore left unemployed almost 4.000 teachers.

We defend a public education system that, on the one hand, does not segregate and, on the other, ensures the equality of opportunities for our pupils. Under the current conditions we cannot make sure the educational success of the Catalan school population. We think that it is only through education that freedom and democracy are possible, and we want to defend the dignity of the teaching staff.

Your courage and your determined action in this fight are examples to be followed by the teaching staff of Catalonia. We would like to keep the contact with you in order to know the evolution of your strikes and your demands.

We send you hereby a hug full of solidarity and wish you a lot of success.

Montse Ros
General Secretary 
Federació d'Ensenyament CCOO de Catalunya

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